UITV Policies

Revised March 28, 1988

  1. UITV will not accept pre-produced public service announcements from groups, organizations or agencies outside the University.

  2. UITV will accept public service information in writing for display on the information roll from recognized student organizations, University departments and affiliated non-profit groups and organizations. The information may be edited by UITV due to space limitation on the information roll.

  3. UITV will not accept any public service announcements that include a direct solicitation for money. (For example, UITV will accept a PSA for the information scroll that says, “The Friends of International Students is holding a bake sale at the Iowa Memorial Union on Saturday, Sept. 12 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.” But, UITV will not run an announcement that says, “Friends of International Students is a non-profit group that helps welcome foreign students to Iowa City. Please send your donations to Rm. 2666, International Center.”).

  4. UITV will cablecast programming from sources outside the University as long as the programs are of an academic, scholarly or cultural nature and reflect the University’s mission of teaching, research and service.

  5. UITV may not be used by individuals or groups to advance or proselytize religious or political points of view unless the program is deemed to have academic value or represents scholarly research and is submitted for cablecasting by a University of Iowa faculty member under the auspices of his or her academic or administrative department.

  6. Foreign language programming cablecast without English translation must be submitted under the auspices of a University of Iowa department or division with a University employee assigned responsibility for programming content.

  7. All programming will be previewed by the UITV Program Director before it is cablecast. The Program Director will adhere to the following Federal Communications Commission requirements established for educational access channels and endorsed by the Iowa City Broadband Telecommunications Commission in March of 1980:
    • No obscene or indecent material may be cablecast;
    • No advertisements of or information concerning any lottery, gift enterprise, or similar scheme, offering prizes dependent in whole or in part upon chance or lot, or any list of prizes drawn or awarded by means of any such lottery, gift enterprise or scheme, whether said list contains any part or all of such prizes, will be cablecast.
  1. Programs submitted for possible cablecast on UITV must be of such technical quality that the audio and video components will not breakdown or disintegrate during cablecasting.

  2. Due to possible copyright infringements, UITV cannot provide copies of programs it cablecasts to viewers.

*Addendum, 2005 - These policies are not intended to be completely inclusive, additional restrictions may be placed on submitted materials.

UITV meets all FCC guidelines for decency and obscenity. Programs may be rejected for broadcast based on these guidelines. 
( http://www.fcc.gov/parents/content.html )

UITV complies with all University guidelines on human rights as stated in The University of Iowa Operations Manual.
( http://www.uiowa.edu/~our/opmanual/