Public (Central) Server Per-User Stats

For every directory we can, at your option, deliver a report to your directory which includes the host and domain information for the visitors that access your site/pages. In addition, you get an analysis of time of day, day of week, and week of the month those accesses occurred. The software used is Analog.

These individual directory or "per-user" reports can be found in each user's account under the production/wwwstats directory. There will be an index file with a header and links to the reports for the current and previous months. The previous month's report will automatically be replaced when the month changes, and each night the current month's report will be updated with the previous day's data. The index is accessed by the URL.

The "Request Report" links from those reports point to the full request report in the server-wide statistics page. This report includes the per-file stats for all served files listed in alphabetical order.

To enable these optional statistics reports, account owners must place within their root directory (NOT within the "production" folder) an empty file named .analog.cfg (please note the leading period).  Once that file is created and placed within an account the per-user stats will begin compiling that night with that day's data.  Logs from previous days will not be included.