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Promoting the social interaction of women living in the Iowa City area and interested in
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“While The University Club is not formally affiliated with the University of Iowa, it does endorse and abide by its policies with respect to nondiscrimination nation and human rights.  See

    The University Club
 2013 - 2014

elcome to The University Club of Iowa City, celebrating our 96th year. Founded in 1917, our membership, 715 members strong. Our mission is to promote interaction of women of all ages and affiliations who are interested in the University of Iowa and the surrounding Iowa City community. We invite you to attend our monthly luncheons and participate in any of our 30 interest groups, which will provide you with many new and unique social, educational, and cultural opportunities. If you have recently moved to the Iowa City area, or are new to The University Club, we welcome you and invite you to go to the Newcomers' link located under Interest Groups. Their monthly coffees, socials, and great variety of programs offer an ideal opportunity to make new friends and lasting friendships while learning about the Iowa City community.

              The University Club President for 2013-2014

            Kathy Maxwell President Kathy Maxwell

THOUGHTS FROM YOUR PRESIDENT……. To my dear friends in The University Club, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as president of The University Club. Who would not enjoy working with a group of educated, curious, talented, thought-provoking and enthusiastic women? We have kicked off the year with a wonderfully successful “Harvesting Friendships” Fall Fair. Three members have added four new groups to our already long list of Interest Groups. The Newcomers, under the leadership of Audrey Beatty, have a strong active membership that has outgrown having coffees in members’ homes. Their programs have been outstanding. We have given two $2000 scholarships to deserving women at the university. And our luncheons have been well attended with terrific speakers and talented singers. I can’t wait to see what is planned for the rest of the year! I can’t thank The University Club board enough. They are a collabora-tive group of women who work through any problems with thoughtful-ness to detail and careful consideration of what is in the best interests of the club. I have done very little as president other than draw up the agendas for the board meetings. In 4 short months I will hand the gavel over to Louise Crock and join the list of past-presidents in the pages of the Yearbook. There are many women on that list who I have known, admired, and respected even before I joined the Club in 1988. Those women were the architects of our club as we know it today. I am deeply humbled to be joining them. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being president of The University Club in 2013-2014.   Kathy Maxwell, The University Club President, 2013-2014

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This website will constantly change providing details of The University Club's current functions including all of our activities: our luncheons, coffees, events, socials, and interest groups. The contact us section, will include our membership form and how to communicate with us. Members also receive the Clarion, our newsletter, mailed or by email three times per year.

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