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The Scholarship Fund of The University Club is an endowed scholarship fund managed for us by The University of Iowa Foundation. They have proven to be excellent managers of our funds, producing around $2000 most years for scholarships for female graduates of Iowa high schools, with high academic records and a proven need for assistance. The UI Financial Aid office makes the final selection of our recipients.

Hooray! We have two things to celebrate! First,  this year’s scholarship recipient, Ashley LeKander. She received $2,000 from The University Club, credited directly to her tuition bill. She introduced herself to us at the October luncheon. She will be a tremendous nurse someday with our assistance. Second, we are off to a great start on our fund-raising for our 2013-14 donations to The University Club Scholarship Fund endowment. I have received $3,455 so far, including a donation of $230 from the Fourth Wednesday Bridge interest group. This year-to-date figure is from a total of 72 individuals. As you know, my goal is to increase the percentage of members participating in our fund, not necessarily the size of each donation. We are currently at 10% of our anticipated membership. Do I dare ask for 20%?

Kathy Maxwell, Finance Chairperson, 2012-2013

The University Club Scholarship Fund
Kathy Maxwell, Finance Chair
24 Eastview Place NE
Iowa City, Iowa 52240-9140

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Recipient:  Ashley LeKander


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