The 2010 Iowa PDE Conference

at the

University of Iowa

April 30th-May 2nd, 2010




The aim of the 2010 Iowa PDE Conference is to present recent developments in nonlinear PDEs and their applications in related fields. This is a traditional event held alternatively by University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

This conference is supported by the NSF VIGRE grant at The University of Iowa.

Invited Speakers include:

Dongho Chae, Sungkyunkwan University

Steve Hou, Iowa State University

Juhi Jang, New York University

Congming Li, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder

Dongsheng Li, Xi'An Jiaotong University

Tong Li ,  University of Iowa

Chun Liu , Penn State University

Hailiang Liu, Iowa State University

Paul Sacks, Iowa State University

Gerhard Strohmer, University of Iowa

Changyou Wang, University of Kentucky

Xiaoming Wang, Florida State University

Yong Yu, University of Iowa

Location: 218 MLH (

To register: Please email Kristin Gilchrist

To make hotel reservation at the Iowa House Hotel

319-335-3513 and ask for a room under the “Math Conference” block.
The rooms are held until April 5th!

Organizing Committee:
Tong Li, Yi  Li, Lihe Wang,  Weimin Han, Gerhard Strohmer, Dong Li,
Xiaoyi Zhang