2007 Student Research Projects

Automorphisms and Distinguishing Labelings of Graphs

Alex Henning, Spencer Lourens, Dirk Marple, Prof. Michael Lang, and Aba Mbirika

Chaotic Dynamics, Fractals, and Billiards

Aaron Peterson, Sarah Rozner, Emily Sutter, Prof. Yi Li, and Jon Van Laarhoven

On the Graph

Jen Czachura, Eyob Meles, Jill Wiebke, Prof. Dan Anderson, and Katie Reif

Matrix Representations of Path Algebras

Latricsa Allen, Sarah Andreesen, Dana Bates, Prof. Vic Camillo

Drug Dynamics: Changing Concentration of a Drug

Kristin Sellers, Jennifer Nash, Chingche Jason Chiu, Prof. Keith Stroyan