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WISE Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members 2006-2007

John Achrazoglou, Director IT Management III and Assistant Professor, College of Education

Linda Boyle, Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mary Campbell, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Deborah Dawson, Professor and Director of Biostatistics, College of Dentistry, Dows Institute for Dental Research

Carol Fethke, Professor Emeritus, Economics

Nicole Grosland, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Dottie Persson, Head Librarian, Psychology Library

James Schmeling, Interim Co-Director, Law, Health Policy, & Disability Center, College of Law

Doty Simpson-Taylor, Director of Diversity Resources, Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity

Padmini Srinivasan, Associate Professor, Library & Information Sciences

Michelle Sukup, Graduate Representative, Biomedical Engineering/Integrative Physiology

TBD, Undergrad Representative

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