Peer Mentoring

WISE Grad/Post-Doc Program would like to recognize and send our regards to the following faculty members who volunteer their expertise and time serving as external reviewers for  Dr. Eunice Beam Travel Grants Program.


Spring 2012:

Elizabeth Altmaier

Robert Ankenmann
Lou Messerle

Mishtu Dey


Fall 2011:

Sam Cochran

Laura Frey Law

Brian Smith

Tori Forbes

Karla McGregor

Betsy Stone                

Apollina Goel

Ingrid Peate

Tina Tootle

Andrew Kusiak

Jodie Plumert



Spring 2011:

Kathleen Banks

Joseph Lang

Chris Pigge

Joseph Cavanaugh

Won-Chan Lee

Fang Qian

Deborah Cobb

Ann Marie McCarthy

Janette Taylor

Peter Damiano

Michelle McQuistan

Sarah Vigmostad

Raymond Kuthy

Joyce Moore

Janet Williams


Fall 2010:

Frederick Domann  

Horacio Olivo

Douglas Spitz

Apollina Goel

Dan Quinn




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