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The WISE Ambassadors is a community of undergraduate and graduate women studying in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors. We organize K-12 and community outreach activities, plan professional development opportunities, and provide service to local organizations. We're a student-run group that receives support through WISE - we create our own experiences and opportunities! See below for more information about who we are and what we do.

Next Ambassadors Meeting

WHAT: First WISE Ambassadors Meeting
WHEN: Sunday, August 28th 2011 @ 6PM
WHERE: 2217 SC (Engineering Building)

Food will be provided!!

For more information, check out the attached Event Flyer. Hope to see you there!

Committees may meet outside of this time - check with your committee chair if you're on a committee!

  Check out the WISE Ambassadors Facebook page!

What do the WISE Ambassadors do?

It's really a great thing - the WISE Ambassadors decide what's important to us, and that's what we do! In the past we have participated as tutors for local K-12 students, organized road trips and tours to regional companies, and planned a campus-wide leadership conference. In the past we have organized Girl Scout Badge Days, planned a tour of the UIHC Cancer Center, volunteered at a WRAC spaghetti feed, hosted several K-12 classes for tours and science experiments, and attended several other WISE-sponsored activities. We are now beginning the 2008-09 year with plans to host another Girl Scout Badge Day, find new volunteer opportunities, and expand our K-12 outreach. With all this excitement, we'll need some more bodies - join us for the 2008-09 year!

How do I get involved?

All graduate and undergraduate students in STEM majors at the University of Iowa are encouraged to join the WISE Ambassadors. We accept new members at any time, but of course it's most fun to get involved from the beginning! Contact WISE via email or by calling (319) 335-3509 for more information or to get added to the mailing list. Or just stop by the next meeting - you're always welcome!!!

Current Ambassadors - Are you planning an event?

Remember to complete the Event Request Form and return it to prior to getting deep into the planning or purchasing supplies. WISE requires this form for all activities organized by students!

Previous WISE Ambassadors Events

WISE Ambassadors Focus on K-12 outreach for 2010!

Girl Scout Badge Day - Feb 08Soon we'll be updating this page with info about all of our latest outreach events, including WISE Girl Scout Badge Day and various class visits (for tours, activities, etc.) from local schools. Check back later!


A Recap: Fall Retreat and First Meeting

Tower of Feet ActivityOn Sunday, September 9, 2007, eleven Ambassadors met for the fall retreat, to kick off the year, make connections, and beginning formulating ideas for how to make 07-08 an even more successful year than last year! UI's Rec Services program, Touch the Earth, facilitated fun, goofy, and helpful activities that allowed us to learn about each other and get us excited for our first meeting of the year. Now we're ready to go!

The first meeting of the year followed the retreat - we had 17 students in attendance. We all chowed down on Jimmy John's subs and a table full of snacks and soda. After introducing the program and its possibilities, we set out to identify the key items we want to achieve at the next meeting: electing officers, creating committees, brainstorming ideas for activities/events, and continuing to learn about each other. We hope to have an even higher turnout at the next meeting.



WISE Ambassadors Organize Girl Scout Badge Day 2007

Girl Scout Badge DayOn February 18, 2007, over 50 area Girl Scouts between the ages of 10 and 12 met in the IMU to learn about science and earn a new badge - the WISE Science Badge. The Scouts made silly putty, built a first-aid kit, took cardio and pulse measurements, and learned how eardrums work. Two speakers gave presentations on their careers: Iowa City Fire Battalion Chief ,Jim Humston, and UI Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Linda Boyle. Besides the organized activities, the Scouts enjoyed talking to the Ambassadors about what it's like to be in college and what careers they'd like to pursue. At the end of the event, the Girl Scouts said, "I had a great time!", "It was really really fun!", and "Are you doing this next year?" - yes, we we want this to be an annual event!

Contact WISE to be added to the Ambassadors mailing list - receive future meeting announcements, meeting minutes, invitations to WISE-sponsored seminars/activities ... and more!


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