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WISE Living-Learning Community Outreach Program

As part of the WISE Living-Learning Community (LLC) you will have many opportunities to interact academically and socially with your LLC peers as well as with other UI students and faculty. These interactions will facilitate your learning and are also meant to be a source of motivation and inspiration during the rigors of your first year at the University. The fact that many LLC women choose to participate in WISE activities all four years of their undergraduate education shows us that the opportunities provided through the WISE LLC are valuable and valued.

One way to extend your experiences and 'give back' to the community is to share your knowledge with others. Many of you already act as role-models for younger women on an informal basis. We ask each of you to provide ONE opportunity for young women in your home school (any educational level, K-12) to learn from you in a more structured setting during this academic year.

The WISE Program will provide support for your presentation/interaction at your home school by helping you develop materials and paying for copying charges, etc. We are very excited about formalizing this outreach activity as part of your commitment to the WISE Learning Community and we know that you, like others in the past, will feel good about your support for those coming up behind you.

So here are the specifics - the who, what, when and how of the outreach program:

Who? Each first-year LLC woman will give a presentation to young women (young men can be included too!) in her home school (any educational level, K-12) during the 2008-2009 academic year.

What? First, the presentation does not have to be on a grand scale. It can be fairly informal such as a class discussion. Think of things that would have appealed and inspired you during your K-12 experience. The presentation may focus on your experiences in the WISE Learning Community or just what it's like to pursue a major in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) at a large University. We know that one of the most important messages for young women to hear is the importance of staying in math and science classes throughout High School. We believe your success in reaching the UI as a STEM major will encourage other young women to consider careers in STEM fields and build an awareness of their potential to succeed. As a representative from your home school, you will be a very powerful role-model.

When? Fall and winter breaks are an ideal time - most of you will be home for a visit anyway. Students who wish to remain on the WISE LLC for a second year must complete the outreach program prior to February 1st, 2009, to be eligible to reapply!!

How? First, identify one person (of authority) in your school who will be the contact to help you get the required permission to organize this activity.
Second, write a brief proposal of the activity you are planning (one or two sentences). Include information about your contact person (above), the target audience, what you plan to do, when you plan to do it, etc. (the basic who, what, when, where, and why) All of this information can be provided on one page.
Third, send your brief proposal and information for your school contact (email, phone number, school, and position) via email to: and use the subject OUTREACH.
Fourth, after you have completed your presentation, we want to hear how it went and whether you thought it was a worthwhile activity or not. Also, by completing your outreach presentation you will become eligible to remain on the WISE LLC as a second-year student, if you so choose.

This is a GREAT way for you to showcase your communication skills, share your college transition experiences, provide an opportunity for young women in your home school to see YOU as a role-model, and to be proud that you are . . . .

View a PowerPoint presentation developed by WISE LLC women a couple years ago!


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