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"I have met some really good friends on the WISE floor. They are also the kind of friends that you want to have because not only are they fun to be around, but they can help you be a better student by having similar academic goals and being in many of the same classes."





Purpose and Goals

Primarily, the WISE Living-Learning Community seeks to:

  • Create a healthy and supportive community of learners and friends
  • Provide appropriate and time sensitive academic support
  • Provide ongoing social support for increased team-building and networking, and
  • Provide opportunities for leadership development

Secondarily, by creating a strong, supportive community early in the student’s academic life we strive to:

  • Improve the retention of women in STEM disciplines
  • Create long-term personal and professional relationships between students
  • Enrich the academic experience of each student, and
  • Create an ongoing relationship between our students and the UI WISE Program

Who lives on the WISE LLC?

Learning Community Residents on Scavenger HuntFirst-year Students All first-year women intending to major in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) field can be an LLC resident. See the list of majors supported by WISE. New students have the advantage of living in Stanley Residence Hall on the east side of campus close to most first-year science and engineering classes, with upper-level students who have already successfully completed their first year of academic coursework.  It's like living with your own personal support system right next door!

Second- and Third-year Students Approximately one-third of the LLC residents are second- and third-year students. Typically these students were in the WISE LLC as first-years themselves. Upper-level students who remain in the WISE LLC are well prepared to help with the academic, social, and emotional transition first-year students face when coming to a major University campus.

How do I apply?

First-year Students Incoming first-year students must request the WISE Learning Community on the UI Housing Application, as well as marking a preference to live in a 'quiet house' in general and Stanley Residence Hall specifically. To be eligible you must have declared a major in one of the WISE eligible departments or have designated an interest in one of the pre-professional programs such as pre-med, pre-pharmacy, etc. Spaces in the WISE LLC are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis so don't wait - get your application in NOW! For more information on application procedures, contact the UI Housing Office.

Second- and Third-year Students Students who lived on the LLC the previous year have first priority for the second- and third-year openings on the WISE LLC. The WISE office will communicate with the current residents during the school year to take requests. Participation in WISE LLC activities are considered when reapplying. Transfer students who are interested in joining the WISE LLC must contact to request admission to the LLC.

What happens after I apply?

First-year Students After University Housing has received your application and determines that you are eligible for the WISE LLC, you will receive a letter to that effect and be put on the LLC housing list on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In mid-May, you will receive another letter from Housing advising you of your status, stating that you're either in the WISE LLC or on the wait list, and giving you contact information if you have questions.

In mid-June, students who have a spot on the WISE LLC will receive their specific room assignments and learn about their roommate. This letter will come from the Contracts & Assignments Office in University Housing. Students who are on the wait list should stay in touch with WISE or Housing to receive updates on their status.

Women living in the WISE LLC are required to enroll in one of the four sections for Fall 2010 of Research 101: Responsible Conduct in Research:
Students should enroll during Orientation (by July 19, 2010, unless they have an August orientation date) or they may be moved to another residence hall space.

Please contact us via email or phone (319-335-3530) for more information.


"Meeting all the great people and becoming friends, what a great way to start my freshman year!"


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