Peer Mentoring

Mentors and mentees at Workshop 3

Peer Mentoring

Information for Current Participants

Mentors and mentees, below you will find information on the current year's programming and expectations. If you would like paper copies of any document, please contact us.



Scroll down to the bottom of the page to take 2013-2014 Monthly Team Meeting Evaluation!


Orientation Documents

Why Mentoring?
Discussion Guide
Earning Gift Certificates
Ideas for Team Meetings
Study Tips from a WISE Student
Resources for Students

Connections Booklet and Mentor Network Handbook

The Connections Booklet will be distributed at Workshop 1 - it is a compilation of our current mentors' experiences with internships, jobs, volunteering, and study abroad. It's a great resource - contact the mentors to learn more about their experiences and how they got involved!

The Mentor Network Handbook will be distributed at Workshop 3 - it is a compilation of many of our graduated mentors' current job titles, companies, and contact information. It's a great way to locate people who can help you learn more about career opportunities and life beyond college.


Evaluations are how we give you credit for attending events and activities... your feedback is very important to us.

The Evaluations:

Workshops & Seminars: Please sign in at the workshop/seminar; in the next day or two, we will email a link to the evaluation. Submit your completed evaluation within one week to receive credit for attendance. Your email link is specific to you - please do not share it!

Team Meetings: Mentors and mentees must meet with their matches once per month.  WISE will send reminders at the beginning of each month, and it is up to you to schedule a time/place to meet. After each meeting, both the mentor and mentee must submit evaluations to receive credit for the team meeting.  The link to the evaluation is below.

Extra meetings: You may do as many team meetings as you'd like - we'll continue counting your participation as long as you keep meeting and submitting evaluations! Please use the link below to access the evaluation that is to be used for all team meetings.  This is a generic link - you can share it with others.


Click on the month to take survey for February, March, April Team Meeting Evaluation.


Team Meeting Reminder! In order to get credit toward earning a book store gift certificate, BOTH mentor and mentee must submit their evaluations by the end of the month.  Remind your mentor/mentee to submit hers!


"I think the scavenger hunt was a good idea... I really discovered new places I didn't know about. This event helped me get a better idea of where everything is on campus and off." - mentee


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