Online Tutoring

Online tutoring allows you to share a draft of your writing, along with your questions and details about your writing purpose, with a tutor.  The tutor will then respond to you with suggestions for revision, ideas that might help you re-focus your draft, and comments that help you find answers to your questions.  Your online tutor will help you identify strategies that you can use to become your own best editor. Please limit submissions to 15 pages or less and plan for a two business day wait for a response (not including weekends or holidays).

To submit your draft:

  1. The software works best with the Firefox browser.
  2. Using the Firefox browser, click here.

Online Tutoring Application

In summer 2009, we replaced our former e-mail tutoring program with online tutoring.  The new software is more user-friendly and gives writers the option of looking back at previous drafts they have sent for tutoring.  The Writing Center thanks Steve Wessels and ITS Campus Technologies Services for programming our Online Tutoring Application. Additional thanks to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Computing Fee for partially funding the project and to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill for sharing the programming code that is the foundation for our system.