What can you see?: A Sequence of 5 Invitations

As we look at the world and people around us, what we see can often trigger our own thoughts, opinions, ideas, feelings or memories.

Perhaps your professor reminds you of a next door neighbor you used to have. Maybe the bicycle with the bent wheel you see locked up downtown makes you wonder what happened to it and its owner. Or, maybe the house you see across the street with the broken windows and unkempt lawn calls up the thoughts you have about the distribution of wealth in America.

When you see something, it can connect to a whole network of ideas, memories and thoughts that you have. Writing can help reveal this network of associations. Whatever draws your attention can do so for a reason, and writing is one way of exploring why certain faces, objects, scenes, colors or buildings may have meaning to you.

So we invite you to browse through the categories of images below and see if any of them strike you. If they do, we invite you to write about them.