Selected Websites

Here you will find a collection of links mentioned throughout these pages plus a few more resources to help you as you develop your arguments.

A note about online periodicals: Some of the online versions of newspapers and magazines that you may find useful in your research, such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, and Newsweek, require that you pay with a credit card in order to access articles in their archives. However, in many cases you do not need to pay to read these articles. As a student at the University of Iowa, you have free access to most of these articles through the Lexis-Nexis database.

Daily Newspapers

The Daily Iowan
Iowa Press Citizen

U.S. National (some sites require free registration)
New York Times
Washington Post
Des Moines Register
Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

International (All links to English editions)
Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo)
The Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon)
Guardian Unlimited (Manchester, UK)
The Independent (London)
Independent Online (South Africa)
International Herald Tribune
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Toronto Globe & Mail (Canada)
Ha’aretz (Tel Aviv, Israel)
The Moscow Times

Web Based Media

Slate Magazine

Broadcast Media

TV News Sites: U.S.
Fox News
ABC News

TV News Sites: International
BBC News

Radio Online
BBC World Service
NPR National Public Radio
CBC News (Canada)

Magazines and Journals

Mother Jones
The Nation
The Progressive

The National Review
The American Spectator
The Weekly Standard

Time Magazine
U.S. News

Editorials, Commentary, & Opinion

Editorial Pages (Some sites require free registration.)
New York Times
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
Des Moines Register
Chicago Tribune
Atlanta Journal-Constituion
Opinion Journal (Wall Street Journal)

Examples of advocacy

(These sites are listed here as resources to provide students with a wide range of viewpoints and opinions on a variety of subjects.They are provided as resources only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Rhetoric Department, the Writing Center, or the instructors associated with the program.)
American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International USA
National Rifle Association
The Sierra Club
US English