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Tips on Different Kinds of Writing (Creative, Critical, Etc.)

Rhetorical Writing:

Writing an Annotated Bibliography (Purdue OWL)

Cover Letters, Résumés, or Application Essays:

Writing Cover Letters (Rensselaer Writing Center)

Writing Résumés (Purdue OWL)

Writing Graduate School Application Essays (Rensselaer Writing Center)

Creative Writing:

Writing Exercises for Creative Fiction Writers (Characterization, Prose Style, and Language) by Sergei Tsimberov (UI) Staff Pick!

Critical Writing:

Conclusive Conclusions by Matt Gilchrist (UI) Staff Pick!

Writing a Thesis Statement: The Six-Step Method (for Persuasive Essays) by Wes Kisting (UI) Staff Pick!

Internet/E-mail Use:

Evaluating a Website: Navigating the Potholes on the Information Superhighway by Shawn Patrick Doyle (UI)

The Art of Netiquette by Emma Rainey (UI) Staff Pick!

Writing About Specific Subjects (Art, Literature, and Music):

A Guide to Writing about Art by April Freely, Emma Rainey, and Emily Weirich (UI)

Writing a Literary Analysis Paper by Holly Savage (UI)

Writing about Music by Seth Custer (UI)