Tradition and innovation, introversion and extraversion, osmosis and photosynthesis, phylogeny and divination, family and friendship...

eXchanges will be accepting variations on the theme ROOTS & BRANCHES for our fall 2008 issue until October 24, 2008. Short stories, novel excerpts, literary nonfiction, and poetry are all welcome, as well as critical essays on translation. 


To be considered, submissions must include:

  1. Both the original and the translation
  2. Biographies and photos of both author and translator
  3. A short note on the process of translation
  4. Permission for online publication for both languages
  5. Submissions should total no more than ten pages in length.

Electronic submissions are preferred. Please send both original and translation as .doc attachments to

Direct paper submissions to eXchanges, Bowman House, 230 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, IA, 52242, U.S.A.

We do accept simultaneous submissions; however, please inform us if your work is under consideration elsewhere.

For more information please visit eXchanges at or email